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2018 autumn/winter brand start.
Women who survive in today's rapidly changing world create fashion with their own sense of values, wearing the wardrobe of the opposite sex with their unique sensibilities that combine strength and wisdom.
Reconstructing a vintage vintage into a hybrid with the current mood.
We propose new MIX styling targeting women who are ageless and mature in fashion, aiming for timeless manufacturing that will be handed down.

The high-waisted straight pants make your hip line look beautiful, and the elegant materials and soft colors make it easy to match with various styles.

Using high-quality silk linen from Bishu, the bright colors of white and black are daringly tailored with soft milky white and ink black.
It is a series designed to be worn for a long time, close to your life, like two soft colors that wrap around things gently.
Silk linen is woven alternately in one direction with threads of different thicknesses to create a texture with depth.
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