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The act of "inheriting" things has been one of our human activities since ancient times. We create things based on certain thoughts, and when we "inherit" those things to someone else, we also hand them a little bit of that thought.

In addition, in these days when the importance of sustainability is called out, such an act of "inheriting" must have a greater meaning.

Our store has a strong image of being an "import select shop", but in addition to clothing and miscellaneous goods from around the world, mainly in the United States, we also have a large selection of used clothing such as denim and T-shirts. All of our staff are enjoying their daily styling by mixing new and used clothes.

STAFF VINTAGE MARKET is an event to "pass on" our personal belongings to the next owner along with the staff's memories and thoughts.


  • 80's Peter Gabriel WORLD TOUR 1987 Tee

    This is Peter Gabriel's MUSIC TEE purchased in NY. I don't particularly like this artist, but this was a complete design buy. Also, 1987 was the year I was born, so I felt something like a connection.

    I like the color and color scheme of the 80's band TEE, but this one is outstanding.

    I don't really want to sell it yet (laughs).

  • 50's Gunscraft Chimayo Jacket

    Chimayo jacket from the 50's. It's a women's match, but it's hard to find this size that men can wear big. I also like the color and pattern of the fabric. Although it has a natural color, various colors are mixed, and the pattern on the back is also a pretty dangerous pattern among Chimayo's jackets, isn't it? Bought from an antique shop in New Mexico.

  • Deadstock 50's Chuck Taylor

    Deadstock athletic wrestling shoes. The size is men's, but it's actually a women's size. I buy things that I don't mind if they're not my size, and this is one of them. I would be happy if women could use it as a high brand remover.

    It comes with a well-designed box, so it is also recommended for those who want a collection like me.


  • 60's Mexican jacket

    60's Mexican jacket. All handmade souvenir items are one-of-a-kind items that you can feel the warmth of. I love it and have collected several of them. We often see large designs on the back, but this one has small motifs carefully designed on the body, sleeves, and back.

  • 80's Champion Reverseweave Sweat Pants

    This reverse weave series, which has been improved to increase comfort and mobility, is popular with both sweatshirts and pants. There are many brands of sweatshirts that are easy to wear and have modern designs.


    Purchased at a vintage shop in Osaka about 10 years ago. I really like the one-strap sandals, and the design is simple yet brings out your femininity. I bought it at vitntage, but it's still YVES SAINT LAURENT. They are very comfortable to wear, and I used to be able to stand for eight hours (laughs).


  • ~90's Levi's Denim Jacket Pink Overdye

    It's probably a piece-dyed pink denim jacket. I bought it at a second-hand clothing store in Machida. The front body is 3rd, but the back is a western yoke. Autumn and winter clothes tend to be dark, but I like colorful coordination, so I often wore it.

  • 50's LL Bean Mackinaw Jacket

    This is a 50's jacket that I bought at a second-hand clothing store in Shizuoka. It becomes a cursive tag. I usually wear a shirt on a daily basis, but I'm happy that I can wear it over it because the size is large. The point that it is easy to use because it is thin with a McKino type. The condition is also very good, and I had a customer say I want it at the store (laughs)



    I bought it at a used clothing store in Shibuya about three years ago. Madonna tour cap from 1993.
    I wasn't looking for it at Madonna, but it had a great taste as a tour item, so I bought it immediately.
    It seems that this tour also had a performance in Japan, so you can sometimes find it in second-hand clothing stores.

    However, I haven't been able to get a T-shirt with the same design yet, so I'm going to look for it patiently in the future.

  • 00's nine: THE MUSICAL TEE

    Nine: THE MUSICAL T-shirt released in 2003.

    It is based on the autobiography of director Federico Fellini, and has been made into a movie, so many of you may know it.

    In Japan, it is a difficult item to see the goods themselves.

    I also like the beautiful design, and it's a piece that has a lot of turns in the summer.


  • 50's Duxbak Hunting Jacket

    When I used to work at a second-hand clothing store, I found it in Seattle, where I went to buy it. I like the design, size, and tags in general, and the loose size and corduroy switching make it an item with an atmosphere that I would like to recommend "now".

  • White stag Anorak Hoodie

    This is an anorak parka from my favorite brand called White stag. This is a brand that used to make women's ski wear, but this is a larger size and can be worn by men as well. Originally, the neck zip had a deer charm, but when I bought it, it didn't.

    I love it so much that I own the exact same item with a red zipper.

  • 60's Drybak Hunting Vest

    This is a hunting vest that I bought at a second-hand clothing store in Osaka. I still collect these old vests because I like designs such as pocketwork.

    Hunting items are in the mood for this season.

  • 50's Gunclub Hunting Vest

    I bought this at a used clothing store in Osaka on the same day. I spent the whole day looking at old clothes, but before I knew it, I was only buying the best (laughs).

    I like the color and atmosphere of the chain stitch on the back.

  • Grateful Dead TEE

    I bought it from a friend a few years ago. After all, I like big sizing, so this size is good. The design is also unusual.


  • US Army Surgical Gown

    This is a piece-dyed US military surgical gown that I bought when I worked at a second-hand clothing store. At that time, I started working on clothes for the first time, and it was a fresh piece that I could enjoy medical items as fashion depending on how I wore them.

    It was also the one that made me realize the fun of clothes again.

  • 70's Unknown Knit Vest

    When I was working at a second-hand clothing store, I went to the Farmer's Market in Aoyama and bought it there for the purpose of studying. A knit vest is convenient because you can wear it in most seasons except summer.


  • 80's-90's JOHN SMEDLEY Cotton Cardigan

    JOHN SMEDLEY with an old tag that has been seen less and less in second-hand clothing stores recently. It's a cotton sweater. I bought it because it was made for men, although it has a ladies-like design. The size is listed as M, but the actual size is larger and the color is black.

  • Levi's 501 USA Purple

    A rare yarn-dyed purple denim.

    I bought it at a second hand store in Tokyo with dead stock. It's women's, but it's a size that can be worn by men as well.

    I was worried about listing it because it is rare, but recently I have had fewer opportunities to wear it, so I would like to sell it to someone who can wear it.

  • Unknown Vintage Big BD Long Shirt

    This is a BD shirt with unknown details that I purchased during my business trip to the United States. It's probably 100% COTTON, but it's a good second-hand clothes that has a thick texture, a black-based check, and a big size. I also like the fact that there are no tags or anything, and I don't know what it is. It has a BD even though it has a Grandpa-like atmosphere, and the sewing is also relatively careful. It's good to be here

  • Old Eddie Bauer nylon jacket

    The age is not that old, but I like the good color scheme and the unsophisticated impression. I bought it including the history of the brand called Eddie Bauer. It's useful to have such an item because you can wear it actively.


  • Dedstock Patagonia Hair Bands

    I bought it at a second-hand clothing store in Numazu four years ago. Originally, I liked old American Patagonia and often collected fleece, etc., but when I was looking for a hair band at the time, I found a bright red Patagonia one that caught my eye, so I bought it. However, I didn't take off the tag and kept it as Dedstock.


  • 50's~60's Eddie Bauer Down Vest

    I bought it at a second-hand clothing store in Koenji about five years ago. I really like Eddie Bauer, and this is probably the very first Eddie Bauer I bought.

    The front is made of cotton, the sides are lined with ribs, and the lining is made of Rokuyon cloth.

    The design is easy to match with a shirt.

  • Eddie Bauer Wool Vest

    Conversely, this is the last Eddie Bauer I bought. About a year ago? It's a women's fit, but if it's slim, it's a size that can be worn by men as well.

    Eddie Bauer always creates items with a different atmosphere than other major outdoor brands, and that's what I'm attracted to.