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Recruitment information

Job Information

Employment status

Full-time/part-time job (Gender not specified Age 20-30)

job description

WEB SITE management/content production/editing/visual production/planning/buyer business (with domestic and overseas business trips)

Application conditions

Sales/customer service experience (inexperienced people are also acceptable)
Basic EXCEL/WORD skills (required)
Adobe software including PHOTOSHOP and ILLUSTRATOR (preferred)

・People who sympathize with select shops that focus on imports, including our store ・People who wear authentic styles on a daily basis ・People who want to play an active role not only as a seller but also as a buyer in the future ・Respect and cooperate with people around them regardless of age or gender・Those who not only like clothes, but also have awareness as a business person.Those who can continue to learn and aim for growth.

recruitment store

・THE STORE BY MAIDENS (online store category)

Working hours

9:45~18:45 (actual work 8 hours )

There are summer and winter holidays


Base Salary: Appraisal based on age and experience for those with work experience (200,000 to 300,000 guaranteed)
Job Salary : Duties, duties, abilities, and position allowances are assessed and paid every six months (10,000 to 360,000)
*Base salary is assessed based on age and work history *Bonus (summer/winter), pay raise twice a year *Family allowance, continuous service allowance, retirement allowance


Full-time employee: full social insurance, full payment of transportation expenses (upper limit: 20,000 yen per month / 100,000 yen for 6 months)
Pay raises twice a year, paid holidays, etc.

Application method


Please enclose your resume and job history and mail it to the address below.
150-0001 2F, 2-19-16 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Maiden Company Co., Ltd. Recruitment Section


Please send your resume and job history to the following email address.
Maiden Company Co., Ltd. Recruitment Section