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The beautiful standing figure of the slacks,
The comfortable sitting comfort of relaxation wear,
Even the toughness of jeans,
Just one pair of these bottoms.

How many hours do you spend sitting in your work chair each day?
The bottoms I'm wearing at that time are
Do you have the features for the time?

Since the beginning of human history,
Sitting down to work has never been so common.
However, the bottoms that were sandwiched between the chair and the human body for a long time,
It is the same function as when slacks were born and jeans were born.

TEATORA is a workwear manufacturer for modern creators.

A beautiful work chair A beautiful desk A beautiful computer A beautiful structure that has been meticulously calculated.

・Smart separation packing
Developed for travelers, the CARTRIDGE series focuses on travel packing and easy care. It does not wrinkle easily even when packed in a suitcase, and it dries quickly even when washed while traveling. Make your journey smarter.

The long wallet-sized zipper pocket hidden in the diagonal pocket can hold not only a passport but also an air ticket.
It can be used as a security pocket because it can be accessed with your hands in the pocket, and it is designed so that you can put it in and take it out without standing up in a narrow aircraft.

・Deep Relax A WARPLOOP developed for long trips, homework, and situations where relaxation is the top priority.

The WARPLOOP that wraps the wearer deeply and softly is TEATORA's first special fleece.

The hollow long hair tissue inside, created by a special structure, provides deep relaxation with an immersive feeling and reduces daily fatigue.

・Textile: WARPLOOP
WARPLOOP exclusive textile developed with the concept of "immersive feeling" has a special fleece developed for deep relaxation.

WARPLOOP, which has a completely different structure from general fleece lining, has a general fleece structure by connecting the inner bristles one by one to a highly breathable base tissue using special technology. Equipped with ultra-long fleece lining that is impossible.

The technology that was impossible with the breathable fabric and super-long hair lining has realized that it does not trap body heat and wraps the wearer deeply and softly.

The comfort that you have never experienced gives you an immersive relaxation.

Fluffy fleece lining textile.
A long-haired back hair tissue made with a special manufacturing method.
Very smooth and soft to the touch.
A soft texture that suppresses the feeling of firmness and sways moderately.
It combines high breathability and reduces stuffiness.
Thickness for comfort, not for warmth.

A loose-fitting top.

The special switching of the shoulder part expands the range of motion around the shoulder and enhances comfort, while expressing the unique silhouette of Teatra.
Ribbed collar design.
No pocket.

【Product Details】

Size (cm)
2 Length 72 / Width 62 / Sleeve length 87
3 length 74/width 64/sleeve length 88
Four Length 76 / Width 66 / Sleeve length 89

100% polyester

Made in Japan

Our product number / m33bt01160909

*This product uses delicate materials with an emphasis on texture. Thread breakage or pilling may occur if it is caught on or rubbed against protrusions such as accessories or rough objects. In addition, please be careful when handling it as it may cause tearing or slipping if strong force is applied.

*This product is also available in stores, so it may be sold out by the time you place your order. Please note.