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Collection: BRAND-O'DEM

"one of a kind of them" = "one of a kind of them"
A brand with the abbreviation "o'dem".
A unique collection that blends seamlessly into everyday life, created by designers familiar with a wide variety of cultures such as youth, street, and Native American, and vintage. The brand name never betrays the brand name, with no particular theme or seasonality for each season, and a sense of free thinking and passion for perverted fashion.
A brand that teaches us to stay true to fashion.
One of a kind of them" = "an individual among many others
The brand "o'dem" is an abbreviation of "one of a kind of them".
The designer, who is familiar with youth, street, Native American, and other diverse cultures and vintage, has created a unique collection that blends in with everyday life without feeling out of place. season.
The brand name does not betray the products that show the designer's metamorphic enthusiasm for fashion.
This is a brand that teaches us to remain sincere about fashion.
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