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Filson was founded in 1897 as an "outdoor clothing manufacturer" to challenge the gold rush in Seattle, Washington. Since the mining of gold is an extremely poor environment for clothing, we started producing clothing with the best natural materials and uncompromising design and sewing. It has even been said that the FILSON mark is synonymous with trust. In wool, we still work with stubbornness that takes more than two years from harvesting the raw hair to finishing it into a product. It continues to be loved by people who need true quality inside, and is also used for some staff of the US Air Force and Army.

【Product Details】

MACKINAW WOOL CRUISER JACKET has excellent cold protection, and it demonstrates its performance when you want to wear it regardless of the weather. The durable virgin wool has a very tight weave that keeps the wind out while still allowing it to breathe. Mackinaw Wool's complex fiber structure provides warmth in both wet and dry conditions, absorbing up to 30% of its own weight without feeling damp. Equipped with four flap pockets on the front, a wide pocket that covers the entire back, and two layers of wool covering most of the torso, this outerwear is intended for use in three seasons from autumn to next spring.

Filson's cruiser, patented in 1914, was designed for foresters and timber cruisers working in the wet Pacific Northwest forests. Initially offered as a pullover shirt and button front jacket, the Cruiser quickly became one of the most imitated jackets on the market. Its high versatility has also been evaluated by hunters and anglers. In the 1940s, Filson produced custom cruiser designs and fabric variations for the official uniforms of the NPS and USFS.

More than a century later, the MACKINAW WOOL CRUISER JACKET still offers outdoor versatility for foresters, hunters, and anyone looking for a jacket that's durable and weatherproof in a variety of conditions. Highly rated.

It was then and still is. The legendary "forest tuxedo".

Size (cm)
S Length 74/Shoulder Width 45/Width 56/Sleeve Length 63
M Length 75/Shoulder Width 47/Width 59/Sleeve Length 65
L Length 76/Shoulder Width 49/Width 62/Sleeve Length 67

Mackinaw wool 100%

Made in USA

Our product number/ m32bf07250179

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