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SAINTJAMES is a city located in the Normandy region of northern France.
The St. James Company, named after the town, was founded in 1889, as is still engraved on the name tag.

In the mid-19th century after the Industrial Revolution, spinning and dyeing, which had previously been handwork in ateliers, was industrialized by Leon LeGare, the mayor of St. James at the time, and the textile industry became a major industry in the region. I built a part of it. The high-quality wool obtained from sheep raised on grass on the tidal flats of Mont Saint-Michel was used to create the marine sweater, an important work wear for local fishermen and sailors, and the prototype for today's practical St. James shirt. It becomes.

Business continued to grow rapidly in the 20th century, and the company name was changed to the current TRICOT SAINT JAMES. Although it has further developed into marine sports and casual wear, the spirit of manufacturing using traditional methods has remained unchanged to this day. In January 2005, we received the EDC Excellence Award, the EDC ETHIQUE & GOUVERNANCE, which is given to outstanding companies that have contributed to society and are highly regarded as ``companies that correctly inherit tradition and transmit the French spirit.'' In 2013, we received the EPV label, which certifies companies with outstanding craftsmanship and technology, which is a certification given to approximately 1,400 companies in France. It has become a prominent figure in the French business world.

【Product Details】

Size (cm)
T3 length 64/shoulder width 45/body width 48/sleeve length 52
T4 length 68/shoulder width 47/body width 50/sleeve length 56.5

T5 length 70/shoulder width 49/body width 52/sleeve length 57
T6 length/72.5 shoulder width 52/body width 54/sleeve length 60.5
T7 length 74/shoulder width 53.5/body width 57/sleeve length 61

*Depending on the number of washes and age, both length and sleeve length may shrink by around 2 centimeters vertically.
Also, as all jerseys are made from yarn-dyed yarn, please note that due to the difference in dyeing time, there may be a slight difference in size (about 1 cm) depending on the color, even if the shirt is the same size, and the degree of shrinkage after washing may differ.



Our product number/U34aS07150143

*The selling price differs only for SIZE T7 depending on the brand's intention. Please be sure to check before purchasing.

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