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JILL PLATNER jewelery is filled with a deep love and respect for the natural world.
The design, which is expressed using silver and gold, has both a simple and organic form and modernity.
And it's a timeless and endearing design.
As a surfer, she has her eye on Gore's special sewing thread "tenara sewing thread", which is known for Gore-Tex, as a material for braided strings that combine silver and gold.
It is highly durable and dries quickly, so you can dive in the ocean, shower, and live with your jewelry all the time.
You can feel the warmth of handiwork in JILL's jewelry collection, which is all handmade in an atelier located on the outskirts of SOHO, NY.

US 6.5inch (total length: about 16.5cm)
US 6.75inch (total length: about 17.1cm)
US 7inch (total length: about 17.7cm)
US 7.25inch (total length: about 18.4cm)
US 7.5 inch (total length: about 19 cm)
US 7.75 inch (total length: about 19.6 cm)
*Sizes in cm are inclusive of fasteners. Please note that it may take some time.
*Orders can be made in units of 0.25 inches (approximately 6 mm). (I can hand it over in 2-3 months)

925 sterling silver (92.5% = silver, 7.5% = mainly copper, other aluminum etc.)
Tenara (special fiber developed by GORE)

All hand made in NYC, USA

[Notice regarding JILL PLATNER mail order]
Due to the manufacturer's intention, this item cannot be ordered directly from the cart.
If there is stock in the store, it can be sold immediately. If not, we will order it for you.
We will respond by phone or email, so please feel free to contact the handling store.
You can contact us by email using the inquiry button below.
・Your name ・Address ・Phone number ・Desired date and time of delivery ・Product you want (brand name, product name, color, size)
If you can contact us after entering, we can guide you smoothly.

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